On July 22, 2014, Impact Hub Madrid completed the initial phase of the Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives in partnership with AXA and Swiss Re Foundation by selecting the 3 finalist initiatives.  Six semi-finalist presented their projects and answered questions from a jury panel of Javier Olagibel of Ashoka Spain, Francisco Soler of CREAS Foundation, Neil Smith of HelpAge International Spain, Paula Almansa of the Impact Hub Madrid, Antonio Gonzalez of WakeApp Health, Paz Pinilla of Swiss Re and Francisco Ortiz of AXA Spain. After the presentations, the semifinalists, their friends and families, as well as contestants that didn’t make it to the jury gathered around for a cocktail reception where finally the jury revealed the name of the 3 finalist projects.

For the next 3 months, those 3 initiatives will take part in the cohort phase where they will get access to individual  mentors, participate in workshops, have a full time membership at Impact Hub Madrid and a monthly stipend to kick off their projects and turn them into a reality.

We would like to congratulate the 3 finalists, which are:



Entregeneraciones  aims to develop new, intergenerational cohabitation models where the role of elders go beyond sharing a physical space, deepening an exchange across generations by building a community based on inter-dependance and an active aging model.

Through the creation of an agency for intergenerational cohabitation and a pilot project of 30 living units, Entregeneraciones’s goal is to promote new living standards and sustainable care that address the demographic crisis and well-being practices by proposing sustainable alternatives that promote healthy lifestyles. This project encourages a cultural change focused on creating a new environment of cohabitation, where a shared space amongst people of diverse ages, cultures, family structures and financial situations becomes an enriching and natural experience.

Team: Celia Mayer and Nuria Sánchez



The venture Construyendo Oasis seeks to provide elders, following their retirement, with a guide to redirect their lives satisfactorily. Through this important transition phase, the project aims to prevent possible health alterations that many elders experience during this phase. In addition, Construyendo Oasis wants to increase awareness of older people as key agents of social and environmental change.

As such, the project proposes an immersion in an Oasis: a transformative process with a high impact, both through community involvement and sustainable local development.

In the Oasis, a community is invited to define a collective dream and materialise it, involving local talent and resources. The result is a transformation from a degraded public space to a place where cultural expression, environmental care and communities embark on economic projects with a broad social impact. Construyendo Oasis wants to support elders through an inspiring process, to voice out and materialize their dreams that become a guide in their new stage in life.

Team: Marta Orihuel, Conchi Piñeiro, Javier Fernández Ramos and Raúl Rodríguez Gregorio



Kaixo Sensei: build your legacy by playing. The initiative’s goal is to help respond to the question: what will other remember about me or my loved ones? By introducing game dynamics where elders are the protagonists, the project hopes to stimulate and organise the telling of their life stories and day to day activities. These stories will be administered by Kaixo Sensei as their audiovisual legacy for future generations and accessible via a content platform.

By stimulating the creation of an audiovisual life story where the elderly user is the protagonist, Kaixo Sensei hopes to facilitate the sharing of this content within their circle of family and friends and when they decide, with the public in general.  It is exactly with the act of sharing this content created by elders that Kaixo Sensei strives to mitigate the tendency towards invisibility of this segment in society, bringing to the forefront “anonymous” individuals with a lifetime of stories to tell and share.

Team: María Elena Cheng, Paul Ricketts, Rafael Fernandez, Cintia Ferris and Verónica Gonzalez.



Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives is an international startup support program, implemented in four different cities and countries, to enable entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, to address the challenges of the increase in human’s life expectancy and demographic ageing. It is a collaborative effort by AXA, Swiss Re Foundation and Impact Hub. Find out more here.