Innovative new service to help older people video call doctors, family and friends wins Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives in London

Following a three month acceleration programme finalist Speakset, made up of Adi Kasliwal, Ewan Marshall and Matthew Simmonds, was chosen as Impact Hub Fellow in Impact Hub King’s Cross‘ edition of the Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives in partnership with AXA and Swiss Re Foundation. The video calling tool allows users to use their existing devices like their television to make secure calls to their loved ones and even GPs for health consultations. Using age-inclusive design to make calling and getting set up simple for the non-digital generation, Speakset’s pilot phase has been a great success.

The Speakset founders developed their service because they saw personally what a huge problem isolation was for their older relations. Determined to understand the scale of the challenge on older people’s lives they immersed themselves interviewing hundreds of people.

“We went out to understand older people’s lives, problems and aspirations and this allowed us to build a product that they want to use and love to use. We use these same techniques to iterate the product for everyone involved.” – Ewan Marshall, Speakset

SpeakSet is now being used in care homes and private homes all over the country, connecting older people to their healthcare services as well as their wider support network. Older people often have difficulty easily accessing healthcare and SpeakSet want to make it as simple talk to your doctor as it is to turn on your TV.

“I live alone, I’m severely disabled, I don’t have any family after my wife passed away, and it can get very lonely…Speakset has improved my quality of life because I spent a lot of time stuck on my own without anyone to see or speak to. I would like to see more people using it.” – John Maynard, Speakset User

To learn more about Speakset, go to or for their press pack.



Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives is an international startup support program, implemented in four different cities and countries, to enable entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, to address the challenges of the increase in human’s life expectancy and demographic ageing. It is a collaborative effort by AXA, Swiss Re Foundation and Impact Hub. Find out more here.